Admission at the Security Pro Show is RESTRICTED to the security and public safety buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services ONLY. The show is not open to the public, and NO one under age 21 shall be admitted (including infants).

Attendees and guests seeking admission to the show must submit the following information (whether online at or in-person at the show). These documents must be submitted for approval by uploading them during the application process:

The following are NOT acceptable documents: Business cards, employer authorization letters, firearms permits, FOIDs, hunting licenses, retired law enforcement/military IDs and NRA or other affiliate firearms instructor permits will not be accepted.

Applications submitted without current and valid identification AND documentation demonstrating trade or market affiliation will not be processed. Show management reserves the right to permit or deny admission to anyone based on information provided, to accept or reject information submitted, and to request additional information, at any time.

Note: Show exhibitors and media subject to different credentialing requirements.

Acceptable Documentation Demonstrating Trade or Market Affiliation

In order to attend the Security Pro Show, you must qualify on two levels. (Please note we will need to see at least one documentation for both the company level and the employee level).

1Show management must be able to verify that your company is in the security or public safety industry; and

2Show management must be able to verify that each person that attends works for the qualified company.

Below are the types of attendees who can potentially qualify for the Security Pro Show. Please click on the category that fits your company to learn more on how to qualify. If you have questions you can email

If your company manufacturers a product or supplies a service, then you must register as a Non-Exhibiting Manufacture OR a Material Supplier to Exhibitors. If it is found that you register as something else, during the auditing process you will most likely be switched to the correct category.

After reviewing the following requirements, if you feel you that you cannot provide the documents required to attend the Security Pro Show, we recommend not registering because there are NO REFUNDS once the registration is completed.