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  • Introduction starts at 8:30 AM
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This Drone System offers an advanced and fully autonomous unmanned aerial monitoring solution for perimeter security. These drones are all weather capable and use wireless charging to provide mission ready status and can be launched at a moments notice. Can be relayed to wireless seismic ground sensors and have auto following capabilities.

Drones support firefighting operations by providing an overhead view of the scene of the fire, which gives firefighters real time information about how a fire is unfolding. When a fire is starting to die out, it can still contain smoldering hot spots that are invisible to the naked eye, and a thermal camera attached to a drone can help firefighters find these spots and make sure to avoid them.

The original Security Pro USA brand featuring the latest in ballistic protection products including NIJ certified riot gear and cutting edge security solutions.

Aid police and military workforce with a less lethal options to prevent many of the wrongful deaths and serious injuries that have taken place during police entries and crowd control. 

Ballistic Panels are protective shields designed to protect people from bullets… handgun, rifle and other projectiles in an active shooter situation are easily neutralized. Ballistic panels are built with the highest quality material and provide maximum protection against ballistic materials and are battle tested in some of the harshest conditions.

Spartan M & LE is Cybergun Group’s Armed Forces and Police Training Division. With 30 years of experience, Cybergun is the world leader in 6 mm and 4.5 mm firearms replicas under license. Listed on the Paris stock market since 1999 and achieving nearly 35 million euros in turnover in 2016, the Cybergun Group now operates through 10 offices on 4 continents and has the largest sales force in the airsoft industry.  

Highnovate develops unique and innovative solutions for technical problems in the field of working at heights and in enabling access to far-reach points. The company’s focus is on customers who use working at heights for industrial or tactical purposes such as rescue missions and LE operations. 

Krav Maga tactics for law enforcement, combined with weapon handling. This demo is provided by California Tactical Academy.

2PM-3PM Shoot in our Public Ranges. 
You are welcome to stay at our ranges and shoot your California legal weapons.
  • Bring your own weapon 
  • Safety officer onsite
  • Ammo is available for sale

*schedule subject to change.